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Airport Power Solutions

We have delivered power supply solutions for airfield lighting systems to more than 700 projects in over 70 countries. Please contact for further information... >



Battery is the most important part of the emergency power system and special attention must be paid to its choice in the design of the battery, the required backup time, battery capacity. Our offering includes a wide range of high quality batteries, battery cabinets for our UPS:s and other power supply systems designed and produced by ELLEGO... >

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Customer-specific Systems

We make demanding and individual applications for power electronics on a customer-specific basis. Typically the design of the products takes place in close co-operation with the customer, after which we take care of prototype manufacture, the required type-testing, manufacture and factory testing. We also put our expertise at the disposal of.. >

Customer-specific Systems

EDC – F Power System

DC-UPS is based on the 800W or 3200W switch mode modules. Modular system provides flexibility in output power and serviceability. For example, the system with output power 9kW 24VDC and distribution consists of three rectifier modules and is made in compact 1,2m high cabinet. We have made marine classification certified UPS deliveries by DNV.. >

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EDC – V Power System

EDC – V power system with thyristor-controlled charger DC-UPS thyristor based system. Cabinet has protection IP23 (other variations), halogen free cables. Cabinet size depends on battery capacity and distribution. System output voltage range from 12-220VDC and output current from 3-600ADC with distribution. UPS is a high reliability and.. >

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EDC Power system with VELA control unit

EDC power system with VELA charger monitor UPS power system operation via touch screen pages and by selecting functions (e.g. float or boost charging), setting values for parameters (e.g. battery voltage and current limit) or scrolling various data pages (e.g. alarms). Visual illuminated status indication bar with green/red light for easy.. >

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EVV constant voltage charger

A reliable thyristor controlled battery charger for demanding applications. Output voltage range 12-440 VDC and output current range 3-600 ADC. Features 12 – 440 VDC § 3 – 600 ADC Wide variety of models Long experience High reliability Applications include: transformer stations process industry power stations ship building industry.. >

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High Power EDC

High power DC UPS provides high reliability and safety by automatically and instantly delivering power to the electrical steering system of a vessel for ensured steering drives operation in case of a blackout situation on board. UPS supplies power while the emergency generators are being started. It can be used for other high power DC.. >

DC Power Systems | Marine

Modular DC-UPS

Modern and reliable multi-purpose DC-UPS with digitally controlled switch-mode power supply modules. The UPS have a professional and industrial look. The status of each unit can be noticed immediately from a distance without a deeper study. UPS operating via touch screen monitor. UPS functions controlled vie VELA control unit, that ease UPS.. >

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PRT thyristor rectifier

PRT – Thyristor-controlled rectifier A reliable, constant current rectifier, which can be operated either manually or automatically. Computer control via an RS serial cable is optional. Ideal for ballast water treatment and corrosion protection solutions. Features Output voltage range: 0–400VDC Output current range: 0–1500ADC Several.. >

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PVF 3200 power supply module

The PVF3200 W is a modern and reliable, multi-purpose DC power supply. Suitable for a diversity of industrial applications. The rectifiers use modern switching technology with microprocessor control. The PVF 3200 W is lightweight, compact and powerful and meets the EU safety and EMC requirements. Features Wide output range Lightweight (7.1 kg).. >

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PVF800 power supply module

The PVF800 W is a compact and reliable DC power supply. Suitable for various power supply systems and for charger usage. The reliable PVF800 W rectifier meets the EU safety and EMC requirements. Features Wide output range Lightweight (1.6 kg) Small, modular design Multi-purpose DC power supply Master-slave connection options.. >

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STELLA Battery Monitoring System

STELLA Battery Monitoring system designed to measure and recording voltage, current and temperate of battery in a real-time. Time tagged measurement data is collected to database in the gateway. Using the Ethernet connection web pages show measurement graphs. Voltage and temperature sensors in each battery block for individual data collection... >

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VELA and IEC 61850 protocol

We combined VELA with IEC 61850 protocol. Remote monitoring of chargers, batteries and DC-UPS devices is very easy now using IEC 61850 communication standard for electrical substation automation. VELA’s software includes support for the IEC 61850 remote access protocol, which enables monitoring of the status of the equipment, parameters.. >

VELA Control Unit | Energy | Industry | Marine

VELA control unit

The touch screen monitoring unit for settings for ELLEGO’s power supply systems. We have developed a digital VELA device to monitor and collect information about the state of the equipment and history. VELA software offers several functions to ease commissioning, monitoring and maintenance locally and remotely. Сompatibility 1x EVV charger 1x.. >

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