VELA control unit

The touch screen monitoring unit for settings for ELLEGO’s power supply systems.

We have developed a digital VELA device to monitor and collect information about the state of the equipment and history. VELA software offers several functions to ease commissioning, monitoring and maintenance locally and remotely.


  • 1x EVV charger
  • 1x EDC UPS
  • PVF800W or PVF3.2kW modules

The number of modules is determined by the UPS product. 

Main functions

  • Float charge / Boost charge/ Battery test
  • Temperature compensation for the charge voltage
  • Load balancing of AC / DC converters
  • Independent analogue meters for increasing redundancy


  • The charger and VELA operate independently of each other
  • The charger retains preset state control when a fault occurs
  • Fault situations generate alarms, fault history is stored in the log file


  • Charger and battery monitoring
  • Visual status indication
  • Touch screen
  • Alarms and event log
  • Remote monitoring (Web pages, WebApi)
  • Commissioning support features
  • Multiple i/o options
  • Analogue meters (option)

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