We have been involved in developing and delivering power supply solutions to numerous demanding projects over a time period spanning more than 30 years. Proof of our competence can be found in the following projects and applications, amongst others:


  • At the Loviisa nuclear power plant
  • At the Olkiluoto nuclear power plant
  • Keeping ships moving on the ocean
  • At railway electrical and switching sub-stations
  • At transformer stations
  • At numerous power stations
  • In the process industry
  • At production plants
  • In electrical distribution
  • At oil refineries
  • At wind farms
  • In the mining industry

Power supply modules:

  • At surface treatment plants (e.g. chroming plants)
  • In corrosion protection systems
  • In the resinification of engines
  • In ore refining processes
  • In hazardous waste management
  • In cleaning ship emissions
  • As power sources for navigation in ships
  • In water purification
  • In the forest industry

Customer products:

  • As power sources for runway lighting in more than 70 countries
  • As power sources for cable-manufacturing lines
  • As collectors for magnetic hoists in steel plants and in ports
  • As power sources in heat treatment
  • As solutions in waste water treatment
  • In defence forces’ applications
  • In many other demanding projects where reliability is of the utmost importance.